Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hexagons in a Jar

What fun I have been having sitting on the deck, sipping ice tea and enjoying making hexagons for a quilt.  Was able to purchase these already cut out saving me loads of time. 

Now that I am back at work it gives me something to do to fill in that long hour lunch.

Aren't these just like drops of sunshine?

Look at the storm that came through the other night.  Doesn't it look angry?

And finally a picture of my favourite part of summer . . . . raspberries on the placemats that adorn my table!!

I'm thankful today for all of my friends and family . . . each of you are so special to me!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer and Thinking of Christmas

 Don't you just love summer!  These were actually from last year but there were so cheery I just had to post them.
More summer cheer

Reminds me so much of the prairies

Well, August is now half over and I have been thinking about what I had made last year for Christmas for each of my sisters and what I should do this year.  I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but haven't settled on one thing yet.

For inspiration I'll show you what I did last year.  Each of my two sisters got a table runner.  I enjoyed putting these together and wouldn't you know it I don't have one for myself.

I just loved the back on this one.  The fabric was from the Dr. Suess collection.  It was just the right shade of red and fun.

This one was for my other sister.  It was so fun to do the dresden plate pattern again (this was my second one like this - just different colours). . . and I would do this again. 

So the question remains . . .  what to do for this Christmas this year??

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Wow - three weeks of holidays goes fast!  So nice to have the time away from work and all of the duties that call us every other day of the year!  Since my hubby was gone during the first week, I was fortunate to spend some time having coffee, lunch, visits, and day trips with some of my good friends and sisters.  I managed to see quite a few people.  As well as visiting I took the time to just sit on the deck, listen to the birds, read and have my morning cup of coffee.  The simple things in life.

Could life get any better??

I also managed to squeeze in the quilt show in Strathmore as you can see in my previous posting.

Good friends of ours invited us to join them in Radium for an extended long weekend.  We took our time driving up there and stopped at all of the neat places along the highway.

Refreshing and rejuvenating.  Weather wasn't the greatest but we did manage to get a few rays of sun in.  Had lots of laughs, good food and fellowship, but I found out that I suck at Mexican Train!  Thought the deal was to collect points??!!  Not!

Brian and Jan brought Boomer with them.  Isn't he cute?

 On my last week of holidays, hubby and I went to Airdrie for the day to the Antique Mall there.  Took us forever to go through all of the displays.  At one point we came around the corner and Peter spotted a Bessie Guttman picture - my favorite artist.  He bought it for me and now it is hanging on my wall in our spare room.  I had never seen this particular print before and am tickled pink with it!

With working full time, I never have time to bake so one last thing that I did on my holiday was to whip together some cookies.

So all in all, a very busy and productive three weeks off.  No quilting during these three weeks but just enjoyed 'being'.  Nothing wrong with that.  Somehow I think that the sun rejuvenates our outward self but ultimately the 'Son' rejuvenates our soul.

I am blessed!