Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Radium Trip

My Mom and Dad invited me to join them in Radium for the long weekend in September.  What a beautiful weekend we had together.  Being that life has been difficult lately, it was nice to ground myself again and go back to my roots.    

My mom is such a caring, loving person who totally pampered me for the weekend.

My dad, as his usual crazy self, provided much in the way of hugs for this weary soul as well as much comic relief!

My mom bought these gigantic marshmallows - some were white, some pink and some white and pink and boy were they yummy.  Perfect for roasting over the open fire.  

But, believe me, one is enough, especially when smooshed in between two chocolate covered cookies!

Now onto some real exciting news!  My sister and I are planning a vacation together . . . can hardly wait.  She hasn't been on a vacation for a long time and I am looking forward to enjoying one with her.  Will post where we decide to go later.


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