Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Lately I have been spending my time at the cutting board.  Haven't felt like sewing the last couple of days but have been very productive in cutting all of the material up for my hidden stars quilt.  I think this quilt will be very restful.  I just love the colours!  The stars will be in an off white that I purchased from Fabricland in Calgary.  They had the quilters cotton for a really good price so sprang for a few meters.  It feels very nice and is cutting up nicely.

A friend at work started knitting a scarf with this really neat yarn by Red Heart Boutique called Sashay so of course I had to stop at Walmart and buy myself a ball.  I'm not a great knitter but this is sooo easy to do!  Here's what I have accomplished so far.

A few weeks ago my son came down for a visit with his girlfriend Miyuki and her friend Kurara.  It was so good to see him even though it was short and sweet.  He is a very mature and sensitive person so spending time with him is a pleasure.  It's too bad though, that they won't be here for thanksgiving.

My mom and dad came for a visit so they could see Graham and we did get a picture of the occasion.  Unfortunately, Peter and I ended up in different pictures so he won't show in the one I'll post and Elyse was unable to come for supper that night.   Never the less, we still had a nice visit.

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