Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colourful Supper

Just had to take a picture of the supper I cooked last week.  It was so bright and colourful and full of flavour.

Enjoyed every mouthful!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Design 'Floor'

I'm using my floor as a design 'wall' - works.  Thought I would lay out what I have completed so far on this quilt and it looks like I need to do a few more blocks.  It's going to be a decent size and I am thinking that it would make a good 'spring' quilt because of the colours.  So having said that, I will aim to have it all complete by then. 

The colours don't fit into my current house colours so  . . .  perhaps some lucky person will be the recipient of this quilt. 

I like this pattern and will probably do it again in different colours.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long Time - No Post

Between holidays to Mexico - yes, Mexico with my sister and working . . . there has been little time for playing on my blog. 

We went for one glorious week to Puerto Vallarta.  Beautiful and hot!!!  No rain and not a cloud in the sky.  Worth every penny we saved to get there!

It felt so good to laugh and giggle and leave all the worries of home at home.

Our hotel room was on the fifth floor so we like to think that we wore off some of those calories that we obtained during our 'imprisonment' at the beach. 

Sure did enjoy the Spanish Coffee that we had most evenings.  Better than any fancy drink you would get elsewhere - could be that that atmosphere contributed greatly to the experience!

This is a view from our hotel room - doesn't it just exude warmth, happiness and joy!

Here's to next year's holiday!!