Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Byes and A Trip Around the World

It's fitting that I should be displaying my 'Trip Around the World' quilt and saying 'Good Bye' to my daughter as she moves to England for a year or two.

I have had this quilt finished for a long time now and finally put it up yesterday!  So excited to finally display it.

This was the second quilt that I completed and the first one that I quilted myself.  The story is that I wanted to do a quilt for myself but nothing that was 'country' in feel.  I think I achieved the look I was after.  I have nothing against 'country', it just doesn't fit into the look that I'm trying to achieve.

My daughter decided to make a change in her life by moving to the other side of the world.  We are close and I miss her terribly . . . thank goodness for Skype!  It's not like it was 27 years ago when my parents moved to Africa for 4 years.  We didn't have internet back then and we used to write down what we wanted to say when we phoned.  It was a minimum of $65 dollars to call.

Doesn't Elyse look happy!   . . . and for that matter I don't look like I've been crying.  It's natural that your kids grow up and assume their own lives.  I'm really grateful that my kids keep in touch and phone just to chat or ask my advise.  I have the best kids in the world!

Both of my kids have a good relationship with their grandparents.  My mom and dad are the 'hipest' grandparents.  They have invested in my kids lives and it pays dividends.

So it is fitting that I display my 'Trip Around the World' and say 'Good Bye' at the same time!  Just think of the places I get to visit!


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