Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Quilt and More Pillow Cases

I think I may have gone pillow case crazy.  I have been having too much fun creating!  I guess I like the instant gratification that I get from quilting a project in a short amount of time.  It is a nice break from the norm.

These two pillowcases have a crisp feel to me.  Like when your sheets are freshly washed and have been hanging outside to dry and they come in and have that nice smell to them.  That's what I'm reminded of when I look at these cases.

These were made for someone special and I hope she likes them as much as I do.

Quite a while ago I put this top together.  At the time that I was working on it I was going through a fairly rough patch in my life.  So, this one was an escape for me.  

I have dubbed this quilt, "The Happy Quilt" and deliberately chose bright, cheery colours.

These pictures are not that great and I realized that the top is all wrinkled, however, today I am too lazy to pull it all out and retake the pictures.

So . . . back to the pillow cases.  
I had just enough material from the two borders that I could create two pillow cases to match.

I think I have more or less done all of the pillow cases that I am going to do for now.

Time to move on to other projects.

Enjoy your long weekend!


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