Saturday, June 9, 2012


Here are a couple of the finds that I purchased at Heritage Park.  I had been looking for some Christmas material and finally found the kind of 'Christmas' that I was looking for.

I like the reds and greens in this bundle and it should be lots to work with.  Now to look for a pattern.

I am a sucker also for soft, delicate looking fabrics and these ones fit the bill.  I believe they from the line called Beachwalk.  I am looking forward to creating something sweet with this fabric.

 And finally I picked up four different table runners for a really great price.  One is already put together that you can see in my last post.  They make good gifts put together or just as they are for a quilter friend.  Fortunately, I even paid less than what was posted on the packages.

I guess I won't be buying too much more fabric in the next little while as I am saving my shekles for a trip later this year.  Oooh, I am so excited and am looking forward to the break and visiting with my daughter.  Hope it all comes together for a reasonable price.  Now I really do have to finish that quilt for her that I started a while ago.  The next quilt I start will need to be for my son and I have an idea in mind for him and some fabric already.  It would be nice to make a trip to see him this summer.  

Enjoy your evening all!


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