Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Tribute to My Dad

I have always said and will say again and again that -

I have the best dad in the universe.

  And this is why he is the best -


My dad was always there for me.  

If I was out as a teenager and needed a ride home, I knew that I could always count on my dad to come and get me.

My dad would always stand up for me.

When I was in grade 10 and unable to get into a math class, my dad marched down to the school and made sure that they had a spot for me which is a funny story in itself, eh dad?!

My dad could always bring a smile to my face.

If you know my dad, you will know that he likes to laugh and be silly.  I really don't think he has a serious side to him.  He is a very lighthearted, positive and happy person.

My dad took care of my needs and wants.

My dad was always a hard worker and we never lacked for anything growing up - at least we didn't think we did.  We weren't rich by any means but always had enough.  As a teenager, he also knew how important it was to have money in my pocket and gas in my (his) car.  He was always very generous with his time and resources.   A couple of times I've even received flowers from my dad at work.  How great is that?

My dad loves my kids and they think grandpa is the greatest.

I think this is because my dad thinks he is a 'kid' himself.  They used to love it when grandpa was silly and even to this day as grown ups they think highly of grandpa.

I love you dad - you really are the best!

Happy Father's Day


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