Friday, March 29, 2013

A Budding Artist

I had the privilege of going to an art show held by my niece, Amber.

She is not afraid of colour or texture.  
She called her show 'Pop' which is a very appropriate description of her work.
I love that art makes her happy and is who she is.  
Like all of us who like to create, it becomes an expression of who we are.

Amber laid out her pieces that she displayed to explain her artistic journey.  She started off doing acrylics on canvas. . . . 

. . . but very quickly has moved to other mediums.

Each one of her pieces has been named . . . for instance, the piece on the right is called 'Surprise'.  Amber was thinking one day about Dr. Seuss and wondered what he would name it and the thought came immediately to her. 

Every piece in her art collection is unique, colourful and makes you happy to look at and enjoy.

Just look at the beads in this piece.  Each one is hand sewn on!!
It took her over three years to create.

This one was her latest finish.  It is made with Venetian plaster.  Amber says that she really enjoys working with the plaster.  It has a wonderful feel and can be sculpted and painted so many different ways.

My picture does not do it justice as the lighting wasn't the best.
It is a beautiful work of art.  I think this one was called, "It Takes Two".


 This was a crowd favorite . . .


Amber won a ribbon at the Calgary Stampede for her bottom plate.

I love all of her work but my favorite is the red sun!

Again, my pictures don't necessarily do her work justice.  
The pieces are very tactile in nature.

Most of Amber's pieces are for sale.

Amber will go places with her art . . . they are fun and brought a 'Pop' of colour to my world.

I enjoyed sharing Amber's journey with you, I hope you have enjoyed reading about her work.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Wow! Good for her. Love the colours in her work

  2. POP is a good word for her artistic syle! The colors do just "pop" right out. Good work Amber.