Friday, April 12, 2013

All Over the Place

I commented to a friend this week that I must have ADD when it comes to quilting . . .

I'm all over the place and this week I don't have much to show for my efforts or lack thereof.

I got myself a library card . . . great deal!! as I can't afford to indulge in any new quilting magazines and books right now so have found a treasure trove at the library.   
It's fun too 'cause one can browse through the books and then when you want to purchase, you've made an informed decision. 

I have two finishes this week,  one I can't show as it is for a friend and the other finish that I do have, has nothing to do with quilting . . .

I am slowly getting some of pictures framed from my Europe trip 
and this lovely picture has made the cut.

I love the frame that I found for this picture.  To me it is very french and suits the picture well.  I loved being in Europe and among all of the wonderful history that is there.  Being in London, then Paris and Bologna, I was really captivated with French architecture and Versailles very interesting and opulent.  Where I live in western Canada, it's too new to have that kind of history - interesting for sure, but very different.

On to fabric . . . 

I have a quilting retreat coming up shortly so have been going through my stash to see what I should work on.  I have someone close to me who is going through cancer right now and is doing treatments so want to make a lap quilt for her.

Here is what I have pulled from my stash.

Aren't these just the most beautiful colours.  I'm really excited to get started on this quilt and will try to get a good portion of it cut out before the retreat so that I can sew, sew, sew!

I even have backing fabric in my stash so it should come together quickly.  I find it interesting that we have what we need when we need it and this is proving to be the case in this situation.

 . . . and people laugh at me for buying fabric and stashing it!!! Can you believe that?!
Speaking of sewing, I purchased a smaller Janome to take to retreats with me.  
The one that I have at home and love is soooo heavy to cart around so I am looking forward to putting less strain on my arm and shoulder.

Also at the retreat we are going to be making Neonatal quilts for the hospital and I was very pleased at the material that I found.  I'm looking forward to working on this too.  

As I post this, I am listening to a French station from Paris . . . I find it rather soothing while I do other things, like post, cut fabric or sew.  

I guess I am hoping that I'll pick up French by osmosis.  
Don't think it's going to happen though!  :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the sun shines where you are 
 - if not outside, at least in your heart!

I'm linking up with AmandaJean as I technically have a quilting finish (even though I can't show right now) and a picture framed.



  1. What exciting times ahead, Shauna - cant wait to see all those pretty fabrics come together ... Oo la la!!

  2. I just love your comment about having the fabric when you need it! I would call that Quilters Luck!
    All of the projects look gorgeous!
    Greetings from Europe