Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quilting Retreat

What a weekend!

There is so much to blog about this past weekend.

I had a fantastic time at the quilting retreat that I went to with a really good friend of mine, Wendy.
I drove down to her place and we loaded up her vehicle with all of our quilting tools, fabric, machine and of course the most important thing . . . . snacks.

Wendy made ham and egg cups for breakfast on Friday morning with a fruit tray and english muffins... mmmm... good!

Wendy reads my blog so I couldn't show you my bag that I made for her birthday. 
We hadn't seen each other since her birthday in February.

We stayed at a lovely lodge called Mountain View Inn.  
The name is very appropriate!
Just look at the beautiful views!!

As a group we made Neonatal quilts for one of the hospitals in Calgary. 
It was so interesting to see all of the variety that was made.
Wendy taught us a new block (buggy barn star) so we used that to make our 'little' quilts 
that are only 17 x 25 inches big.
Using the block, it makes two and then we added borders to make it the right size.
When I was putting this post together, I realized that I didn't have a picture of the finished with the borders.  Our small quilting group created 25 of these quilts.

This group of ladies have been meeting for a few years now and they have been doing a block of the month.  Again, it was very interesting to see the variety of colours.
I'm excited to join in if they do more blocks.

Aren't they all so beautiful?!

I also worked on a quilt and am happy to report that I finished the top.
It's very soft and has the most beautiful pinks and light aqua colours.

 It's so wonderful to look up and see all the wonderful quilts on display.
All of the ladies there are very talented and I felt honoured to be a part of the group.
 The lodge lends itself well to displaying all of the quilts.

Just look at the variety and colours.  
Can you see mine?? (top left picture - right hand corner)

We did a fat quarter exchange - well it was in the form of a game and one could steal . . . 
but was lots of fun. 

As with any quilting retreat, you sometimes get to sneak away and go to a quilt shop or two.  We went to the one in Cardston and I ran into two good quilting friends of mine (Marge and Dorothy) . . . unbelievable!  So good to see them . . . they are creating some really beautiful and fun projects.

Being down in Cardston area, you are close to the mountains and with mountains in spring time, you sometimes get snow.  Well this weekend was no exception . . . we got 11 inches of snow.

Looking forward to my week, hope you are too!



  1. Yep! I knew I'd be green with envy at this post and I am!! Looks like you had a fabby time and I love your pink/aqua quilt (is it Tanya Whelan?) with the brown polka dots ... gorgeous contrast. AND fresh snow? *sigh* :)

  2. How wonderful! The scenery both inside and out is beautiful : )