Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bloglovin & Stacking Coins

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I've been working on my Stacked Coin baby quilt over the past few days.
The top had been put together and all I had to do was stretch it, pin it and start to quilt.

Does anyone else out there have one of these handy gadgets called the Kwik Klip?  I find it saves on the fingers when trying to pin.

The line of material is called Posy by Aneela Hoey for Moda.  It's really cute!
I blogged about this quilt originally here.

 I did my previous quilt without my quilting gloves.  For some reason I could not find them.  It's hard enough to quilt and without my gloves it was doubly hard so I went to the local quilt shop yesterday but they didn't have any in stock.  So . . . . next on my list was to head down to good old Canadian Tire to look at their gardening gloves.  

And I found the perfect pair!  

They fit great and the palm and fingers are done with grippy stuff.

They are so bright I should not loose them!

I may not get out to the garden this weekend as it is supposed to rain off and on so it may be a good weekend to catch up on life as well as getting some quilting accomplished.

One last picture, I promise.

Hopefully I'll be posting sometime this weekend my finished quilt.



  1. The cutest fabrics : ) enjoy the quilting

  2. This is such a cutie, Shauna. I pinned my first couple of quilts and HATED everything about it so now I spray!