Monday, July 15, 2013


Great progress has been made on the 'Happy' quilt.

I'm pleased with the way it is shaping up but it has been hard on my shoulder.

The size is 87" x 99"

I have done all of the white spaces with just loops

And have done just simple triangles in the coloured  blocks.

I'm also doing the happy dance as I will have my daughter home for 3 weeks from London, UK and my son home for a weekend from Victoria, BC at the end of this month.

How can one mother be so blessed to have both her kids home at the same time?!!

Both pictures I have of the kids were taken a few years ago 
. . . but none the less, they are both so cute.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I know I will as I am on holidays!!!


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  1. Another beautiful quilt!! Well named!! How lucky to have the kids home - such a good looking pair but what else would we expect? Enjoy your time with them! Hugs, Wendy