Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ice Cubes are Looking for the Nearest Freezer!!

That's because it is very hot here in Calgary today.  
It's a mere 33 degrees Celsius!

For maybe some of you, you are used to this kind of heat but there are usually only a couple of times during the year that it is this hot.  
My condo does not have air conditioning

so . . . 

going to bed at night where the thermometer in the house registers at 27 - 28 is a tad hot.  

This too shall pass though and one must remember this . . .  
. . . when we are in the dead of winter and it's -20 celsius.

A friend from work just had a baby and I had planned to make a quilt for her.
They chose to not find out what the gender was so silly me, I couldn't make a quilt that could be for either sex, instead I made a 'girly' quilt and wouldn't you know it, she had a boy!

So I went shopping on Friday and bought something that was more appropriate for a boy 
rather than soft pinks, greens and a sprinkle of yellow.

And here is what I put together over the weekend.  Just put the final stitches on the top before 9 o'clock last night.  Just in time to clean up before thinking of heading back to work.

I think that I am not going to put a border on it 
- strange for me as I don't think I have done a quilt without one.

Your opinion - does it need a border?

I have been reading this book called Paris, Paris - Journey Into the City of Light.  
It's written by David Downie who delves into some of the history of 
different people and places around Paris essay style.  
Have enjoyed it immensely and wished I had read it before heading to Paris last November.

 I would recommend this book and have fallen in love with Paris all over again.

On that note, I'm going to lay on the couch and watch 'Midnight in Paris.'
One of my favourite movies of late.

Enjoy your evening!



  1. Sweet quilt! I love that blue! And no...I don't think it needs a border.

  2. Lovely blues, Shauna - all of my friends have baby girls so I'm a little envious you got to make a blue quilt! I don't think it needs a border ... :)