Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hexagons Revisited

I forgot how incredibly relaxing and rewarding working on my hexagons could be.

I've had a little bit of time this weekend to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while dreaming, reading and working on my hexagons.

 As you can see I have it really good; 
iced coffee and the perfect bag to hold all of my supplies 
made by Jenn at Glinda Quilts.  
If you haven't visited her blog, take a peek around.

 I'm trying to be real random in sewing them together.

I have one row together and a good start on the second.

It's starting to look good.  The blank spots will have a neutral background with embroidery in the center.  Looking forward to getting all of my supplies out to pick out colours.  I haven't embroidered for a while - well actually a few years now.  

I used to be a hard core crossstitcher in my former life!!

It has been busy around here with kids home and two weddings.
Lovin' it though!

I even talked my son into mowing the lawn for me . . . it took all of 5 minutes!!

I am so blessed to have two very wonderful kids 
and I miss them when they aren't around!!
 . . . but am so grateful that they have grown into very independent 
and incredible members of society.

Who could ask for more?

Thought I'd finish with a couple of flower pictures from my summer.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.



  1. Hexies are the best! Your are beautiful! I could spend hours....

  2. A lovely post, Shauna - iced coffees, family, flowers and Hexies ... what else is needed? Looking forward to seeing those embroidered centres :)