Monday, September 30, 2013

Très Bon

Anybody that knows me, knows that I am lovin' all things Paris right now.

To visit Paris has always been on my bucket list 
and last year that dream was realized.

I have been working on my bedroom to add a little 'Paris' flare
and it's slowly coming together.

Last week I figured out how to print on fabric from graphics found online.
Now that opens a whole new world!!

I found these graphics on a website called, The Graphics Fairy. 
You really must check her out!! 

There are lots of vintage images that you can download to use in projects.

I have not washed these so am not sure how the printing will stand up.  
I plan to do a test piece in the next few days, 
and will report back to let you all know how it all turns out.

I decided I wanted to make these printings into pillows for my bed.
I'm tickled as to how great they turned out.

I was at IKEA the other day and they had 14" pillows that were priced at $1.99.
I decided to spring for them and use them as my pillow forms.
You can get more economical than that!!

I did find that the design from the pillow form showed through 
so I added an extra layer of fabric to the lighter areas.

I just did an easy envelope back on all three pillows.

Paris is always a good idea and if you haven't been,
treat yourself to a great vacation in a beautiful city!
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 Au revoirShauna

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jungle Joy

Don't you just love Fall?

I have been working like a busy beaver this past week and now have 'Jungle Joy' quilted.
All that is needed is to put the label on, bind it then give it a quick wash.

This was a fun and quick project and I am very pleased with the results.

I did simple geometric quilting on this quilt. 
Lovin' the way the triangles turned out.

For the backing I used a piece of flannel that I had left over from my nephews quilt.
It was just the perfect size.

I wasn't blogging back when I made my nephews quilt so can't show you right now.
Perhaps one of these days I should I post on my former quilting life before blogging.

I love this piece of flannel!

And one last view.

Enjoy your weekend and all that it will bring!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Elephants Abound

What a busy week sewing I've had.

Last week Michelle posted this baby quilt along with the instructions.
Thank you!
I just had to try it and am happy that I did.

A friend of mine asked me if I could make her a baby quilt for her niece.
The couple doesn't know what they are having so neutral I needed to go.
 I think this fits the bill nicely.

I'm hoping that the aqua border works. 
I am second guessing myself.
I also can't seem to come up with a name for this quilt.

I've used the elephants before in a different baby quilt that I made called Elephant Walk.

Yesterday morning we had the most wonderful looking moon going down.
Somehow, the pictures never look as fantastic as it does in person.
It was still fairly dark so this as good as it gets.

On the long weekend in September I took a trip out to Radium to visit my mom and dad.
They have a trailer out there and it is a beautiful place to retreat to.

The weekend was lovely - good company, food and weather!!

You can see I was working hard,
or hardly working!!

I have decided that I like Fall.
I think Fall grounds us. 
It makes us look forward to the year ahead and sets our focus.
It's a time to prepare for Winter and think about what we want to accomplish.

I even find myself wandering through the bookstore and eyeing 
the neat pens, folders, and sticky notes.
Always was a sucker for those kinds of things.

Enjoy your weekend and all that it holds for you.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

5 Years of Quilting

My Mom and Dad just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this past week.

What an accomplishment!!  

Sure they have had their ups and downs . . .
. . .who hasn't?  
They've always worked things out and are living proof that it's possible.

I am one blessed girl to call them my parents!

What does this have to do with quilting, you ask?  
Well, the very first quilt I made was for their 50th wedding anniversary 
so that means that I have now been quilting for 5 years.

I always jump in with two feet when I try new things.  
Meaning that I couldn't start quilting something small like a table runner 
- oh no, it had to be a queen sized quilt!!

I'm sure I'm in good company though.  
Don't tell me you didn't do that too?!

Back then I had an old Jenome sewing machine that a friend of mine gave me.  
She had had it for 20 some years and was ready for something new.
I didn't want to buy an expensive machine in case I didn't like quilting.

Silly me!  I was bit by the quilting bug.
Well, I guess the rest is history.  he, he.

The colours of my mom and dad's quilt of course was blue and white
and was done in a simple rail fence pattern.
 My friend Wendy helped me cut out the material and get started.

I have since bought a beautiful Jenome Memory Craft 6600 sewing machine.

Very tickled and thrilled and not a speck of trouble.

 This has been a wonderful journey! 

I have met many wonderful people along the way, 
I have learned a ton of techniques, 
tried many patterns, 
and have enjoyed looking at all of your blogs along the way.

I would never have imagined that I would be here 5 years later.

I have been blessed with a beautiful work area.


Yes, I have a stash!!
I didn't 5 years ago and wasn't even sure what a 'stash' was.


And a ton of quilting magazines and books.
 Great inspiration!

Still working on my square dance quilt.
I have it about 3/4 of the way finished.
Perhaps if my week goes well, I'll be able to post a finish.

I hope you are all enjoying the last few days of summer.  

Enjoy your week and have fun creating!