Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mini Retreat Quilting Weekend

It's always so much fun to spend a weekend with a quilting friend!!

My friend is part of a group of quilters who get together regularly to quilt in a
community hall in a small town called Kircaldy in southern Alberta.

One of the gals was hosting a tutorial on a double wedding ring quilt.
It was a chance to learn to sew curves 
and have fun with others who share the same passion of quilting.

It started off with a cup of coffee and a lovely gluten free pumpkin loaf.
One would never have known it was gluten free - it was that good.

There was much cutting of material and Brenda was determined 
that we would get to a certain stage in our progress 
so we would know how to sew those curves and put pieces together.
I'm so glad that she did that as now I have a completed first block.

I had agonized over my colour choice and now I don't know why
'cause I am lovin' my choices.

I sewed that with my own hand - curves and all!!

Lunch was a wonderful tasting taco salad 
with yummy chocolate cake and a strawberry frozen dessert.

Quilters not only know how to quilt 
but they also know how to put a lovely food spread together!

Brenda was so generous in letting me take home her templates so that I could finish up my cutting.  
I was going to stay for most of today, 
finish up my cutting 
and drive back later today, 
however, this is what the world now looks like now.  

Yesterday was a balmy 17 degrees in the Vulcan area.

So glad I made the choice to drive home sooner than later.  
As it was, the roads were harrowing and it was not the most pleasant of drives.  
Just was so glad to walk in the front door of my place 
and thank the good Lord that I made it safely.

I won one of the door prizes at the mini retreat.

Isn't that just the cutest tin box!!
Am going to love that little light while sewing 
and to have an extra long measuring tape with 'big' numbers is great!

Yesterday we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset.  

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a prairie sunset!

Hope you all have a week!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quilting Doldrums

In looking at my blog, 
I realized that I haven't posted anything since the end of September.

Where has the time gone??!!  
And here it is already the middle of October.

I haven't been doing too much sewing the past couple of weeks. 
I guess I have been busy with other things and
have been in the 'Quilting Doldrums'.

I do have a quilting weekend coming up so I had better be getting it together!

I am having trouble picking out my fabrics for a double wedding ring quilt 
which is on the agenda for the quilting weekend.

Here is what I've picked out so far . . .

 I need two more fabrics and then I'll be on my way.
I'm not so sure why I am grappling with this so much.

Since I haven't posted anything for a long time, 
I thought I would show off a quilt I made 4 years ago for my nephew.

It was one of the first quilts that I made and definitely the first I quilted myself.

I used flannel so it would be nice and cuddly.
If I remember correctly, my sister wasn't sure if she was having a boy or a girl.

I remember using a pattern from a book at the library and before I could finish,
I had to return it.

I remember it being challenge working with an all flannel quilt.

All in all, it came together nicely and was enjoyed.

What more could a quilter ask for?

Hope you are enjoying your week!!