Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Back when I went to the tutorial / workshop 
on the double wedding ring quilt,
Brenda was using the thinnest pins to hold the curves together

and . . . .

leaving them in to sew the curves.

So I went and bought a box of pins - they are not cheap

but . . . 

believe me they are worth it, not only for curves, 
but for most everything where you don't want to yank the pins out.

Things don't shift around like they do when you have to remove the pins.

Anyways, you learn something new everyday.
So to me it's 'Revolutionary'.

I am revisiting my 'Square Dance Quilt' 
now that I have finished sewing all of my obligations.

Am grateful that others like my sewing enough 
and have faith in me to ask me to put something together for them.

I think I have most of my 'little' blocks ready to go.

I got this pattern from a library book but had to return the book.
Now I can't remember what book I got it from, and silly me,
I forgot to write down some of the dimensions needed.

This is what I have reduced the pattern to. 
I think I can figure it out but it has been a while.

I have to close with a beautiful sunset picture 
that I took when I got home from work today.

Can't believe the beautiful, vibrant colours that God painted the sky.


Hope you are having a good week so far 
- tomorrow will be half way through the work week!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have been busy sewing but have nothing to show for it.

I just finished up 5 sets of pillowcases for a friend 
and have half of the last one completed.

In my excitement to deliver the 5 sets, I forgot to take a picture.

Oh well . . . .  

you'll just have to take my word for it that I actually did the work.

I did start to sew my arcs together for my double wedding ring quilt.

Remember all the cutting I had been doing . . .
 . . .  well my back needed a break and I was so wanting to get sewing

SO . . . .

I started on the arcs and just started stacking them up . . .

. . .  then when I looked at them I thought they looked like Ribbon Candy.

What do you think??

That is about all that has been happening on the quilting front.

We have had crazy cold, wintery, blizzard weather here this week.
Walking to work has been a little chilly but not too bad if you dress for it.

It's looking a lot like this right now . . .

 . . . and

 . . .  I wish it was looking more like this.

 . . .  or better yet, that I was the one walking along the beach.

They say there is an end in sight and that the weekend should be a lot warmer.

 Enjoy your week!!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Itching to Sew

I'm itching to get to my sewing machine but as you can see 
I have been doing is cutting fabric!!

Will it ever end???

Since I have been borrowing the templates, 
I feel that I must be most prudent in using them 
and getting them back to the owner in a timely manner.

Almost there though!

Perhaps this evening I will take a break and do a little sewing.

What are you up to this evening?

Today the weather was nice and walking home from work it was 
a balmy 10 degree C.
Much nicer than the -13 the day before 
- no wonder I've been battling a headache.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Round Robin Charm Table Runner

Do you have a go-to pattern that is tried and true?

I sure do!

If I need to whip a quick something, 
I have gone back to this particular pattern now three times.
Each time I have been happy with the results.  
I have modified the pattern a little just because 
there were parts that did not make sense but over all happy with it.

It's call Quilted Quickies - Charm School - Lesson Three

Designed for using 5" charm squares but of course you can use FQ or scraps.

So in my case, we are planning to have a craft / bake sale at work 
and this is what I whipped up.
It took me a good part of the weekend and a evening.

Didn't really plan that it would be Christmasy 
but with the red and green it certainly could be . . .

 . . . or you could use it all year long.

The line of fabric is from Moda called Round Robin.

I did mention that I've made it a couple of other times.
The possibilities of colours and fabric are endless.

This was the first one I made.  
My friend Wendy, who is also a quilter, 
came to visit me one weekend a few years ago and brought this pattern.
So fun to have someone to quilt with.

This one was made for my sister one Christmas.
Notice the scrappy binding.  Always a favourite of mine to do.

I have to say I like all of them for they all have a certain charm about them . . .
. . . but am partial to the pink one.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

From Sophistication to Boyhood Fun

Is this not the most gorgeous material?

I found this in a little shop in Invermere, B.C. while I was on holidays this summer.
The store is call Essentials and it is a clothing / fabric shop.
What could be more 'essential' then some beautiful fabric?
They had many wonderful items, both in clothing and fabric to tempt one.

I had a vision of a pair of pillow shams.

They were more challenging to make than I thought 
but in the end turned out beautifully.

I have only one sham made at this point but still love the look.

The colour is a little off due to indoor lighting.
Not quite the same as natural outdoor lighting.

I just did a simple grid pattern over it and I am happy with my choice.

Now the question is: what colour do I paint my bedroom walls?

Switch gears from sophistication to boyhood fun.


My good friend and I were out shopping one day for material.
In our journey we saw this material.  Her grandsons are crazy about
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so she purchased the material
and asked if I would do three pillow cases up for her.

I only have two completed and have yet to do the third.  
It shouldn't take me long and I think they turned out quite cool!

Well, it has been a long week and I'm getting ready to hit the sack.
So glad to have that extra hour of sleep this weekend ... 
... or maybe an extra hour to quilt!!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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