Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have been busy sewing but have nothing to show for it.

I just finished up 5 sets of pillowcases for a friend 
and have half of the last one completed.

In my excitement to deliver the 5 sets, I forgot to take a picture.

Oh well . . . .  

you'll just have to take my word for it that I actually did the work.

I did start to sew my arcs together for my double wedding ring quilt.

Remember all the cutting I had been doing . . .
 . . .  well my back needed a break and I was so wanting to get sewing

SO . . . .

I started on the arcs and just started stacking them up . . .

. . .  then when I looked at them I thought they looked like Ribbon Candy.

What do you think??

That is about all that has been happening on the quilting front.

We have had crazy cold, wintery, blizzard weather here this week.
Walking to work has been a little chilly but not too bad if you dress for it.

It's looking a lot like this right now . . .

 . . . and

 . . .  I wish it was looking more like this.

 . . .  or better yet, that I was the one walking along the beach.

They say there is an end in sight and that the weekend should be a lot warmer.

 Enjoy your week!!



  1. What a cool picture! It does look a bit like candy. Enjoy your sewing : )

  2. What a neat comparison! Good pictures! I think you look lonely on the beach.... we all need to be sitting in the warm sun! I think there is cold weather coming. Darn the weather man.