Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Round Robin Charm Table Runner

Do you have a go-to pattern that is tried and true?

I sure do!

If I need to whip a quick something, 
I have gone back to this particular pattern now three times.
Each time I have been happy with the results.  
I have modified the pattern a little just because 
there were parts that did not make sense but over all happy with it.

It's call Quilted Quickies - Charm School - Lesson Three

Designed for using 5" charm squares but of course you can use FQ or scraps.

So in my case, we are planning to have a craft / bake sale at work 
and this is what I whipped up.
It took me a good part of the weekend and a evening.

Didn't really plan that it would be Christmasy 
but with the red and green it certainly could be . . .

 . . . or you could use it all year long.

The line of fabric is from Moda called Round Robin.

I did mention that I've made it a couple of other times.
The possibilities of colours and fabric are endless.

This was the first one I made.  
My friend Wendy, who is also a quilter, 
came to visit me one weekend a few years ago and brought this pattern.
So fun to have someone to quilt with.

This one was made for my sister one Christmas.
Notice the scrappy binding.  Always a favourite of mine to do.

I have to say I like all of them for they all have a certain charm about them . . .
. . . but am partial to the pink one.

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  1. This is so cute. I think I will try it.

  2. Love it! Great colours and such a cute pattern, Shauna ... and a great tip for using up the leftover bindings, cheers m'dear :)

  3. To cute! I must make this pattern again! Hugs.

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  6. Beautiful runners - I especially like the bottom one! Great job!