Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Could be Better . . .

. . . than to spend your day with one of your kids?

Yesterday Elyse and I spent the day at the Farmer's Market.
So fun to look at all of the beautiful fruits and veggies for sale.
Not to mention the yummy lunch!!

On our way to the Market, we happened to drive right by the Quilt shop.

Imagine that??!!
So of course we had to pop in there
 to see what was new and what was on sale.
I think what I liked the most was to see fabric through my daughter's eyes.

Well, needless to say we came home with some awesome fabric.

She's a very creative one herself who takes beautiful photos and loves to write
so it was fitting that this one was made for her.

I think she even has a typewriter in her belongings 
like one of the ones pictured above.
She needed pillowcases to go with her quilt that I had made her last year.

In fact you can check out her latest posting of 
gorgeous photography and musings of an Afternoon in the UK.

Hope you have had a good weekend and that your week is spectacular!!




  1. Isn't that just the best fabric! I used to have a blue typewriter like that but I sold it in a garage sale. Silly me

  2. I had some of that fabric but I can't find it now! My disorganization is driving me crazy:) And my favorite time too is when I get one-on-one time with my kids. Lovely pillow:)

  3. I agree, Shauna, just spent the day with my Mum - she was knitting, I was binding a quilt ... It really doesn't get much better :)