Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Fell Off the Wagon . . .

. . . big time!

Where to begin . . . it's been a crazy and unusual couple of weeks.

I had a chance to leave this snowy, cold weather for a week 
and go with a friend to her condo in Phoenix.  
What a good choice as it was very cold here last week.

We basked in the sun at her condo and also did some buzzing around.

We were on the shuttle bus to pick up the rental car 
and my friend realized that she forgot her driver's license.  

Thankfully I had mine!!  

We joked about it that she would then have to go where I wanted to go.  
It was then that she reminded me that I was staying in her condo.  

Guess, we'd have to compromise!

So in doing research, I realized that AQS Quilt Week was on 
in Phoenix at the convention center.

mmmm . . . . . how could we not go?

So we figured out how to take the LRT (light rail transit) 
to the downtown core and spend a few hours drooling 
over the many fantastic quilts on display.  

There was not a bad one in the lot.

The display also included quilts done by the Tentmakers of Cairo.


I think most of them are done by hand applique and they are exquisite.

Lots of neat vendors at the show and many were ones that I had read about on the web or blogs.
It was so much fun to see what's out there.  

I visited the booth of Me and My Sister and purchased 4 bundles of fat quarters.
Love the colours!

Another Jelly Roll that I picked up for a fantastic price.  
Pays to go on the last day . . . as some of the vendors didn't want to take 
their wares back home with them and reduced their prices.

 We also went to the swap meet and found some fabric there too.

I picked up these 4 fat quarters and backing so that I could make 4 Christmassy placemats

We found a lovely little quilt shop in Mesa called, A Quilter's Oasis.
 The selection was good but I have to say that I realized 
that our prices in Canada are not that far off 
especially if your factor in the exchange rate. 

I was, however, very tickled to find this pattern.
 I find myself looking at Camille's blog often and have liked this pattern for a while now.

Just a couple of little things that I picked up.

Well, from now on, no more fabric purchases.
I'll restart my diet again.

I'll finish off with just a couple of photos from Phoenix.
If you have never been, it's worth a trip.

Enjoy your weekend and in our case, the long weekend because of Family Day.


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  1. Oh, I am so jealous! Beautiful fabric, beautiful quilts to see, and beautiful environment! And so warm!! If you are going to go off of a diet you did it very smartly!
    Happy family day!
    Hugs, Wendy