Monday, March 3, 2014

Addicted to Cuteness

Remember this pattern that I picked up in Phoenix?

And remember this lovely stack of fat quarters?

Well, I couldn't resist cutting into the fabric and starting this pattern.

All sixteen blocks are done.

 Super cute fun pattern and fabrics!!

Now to just cut the sashing, put the corner stones in and sew it together.

My favourite block.
Don't you just love this colour?

When finished the quilt should measure 75" x 75".

I needed something springy in this dreadful midwinter weather.
And this quilt provided that for me.  
Even the name is appropriate 'puddle jumping'.

Have a great week!!



  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I love those colors! :0)

  2. So very pretty! Love your header too : )

  3. Gorgeous!! Lovely pattern this, Shauna and you've picked some delightful fabrics to showcase it ... yummy :)

  4. Perfect! I love the name of the pattern! This is an absolutely beautiful quilt! Love, love the colors. Love, love the pattern. What a pick me up!!! Hugs, Wendy