Sunday, June 15, 2014

Victoria Trip

I've been busy!  
Vacationing, not quilting this past week.
Warning - lots of pictures but only a few about quilting.

I did have a chance to hit the quilt shop (Satin Moon Quilt Shop) in Victoria.
Look what I found on sale!

Also this cute scissor holder.  
It actually will hold up to 3 pairs of scissors.

Super cute!!

The reason I went to Victoria was to see my son, Graham, who currently lives in there.

 As I was traveling there, I was flipping through the Up magazine
and stumbled upon this article.

Was I ever surprised when I saw that one of the hip things 
to do in Victoria is to visit Heist Coffee Co. - my son's cafe!!

Good coffee served with love!

Victoria never disappoints when it comes to flowers.

Somehow your spirit is lifted when you see these beauties.

Such beautiful creations and colours that the good Lord has created for us.

Lastly, I saw the ocean!!

And yes, I was there!!

Have a good week, everyone.



  1. What a lovely trip you had! How great your son's place was recognised in the article, bet you're very proud of him. And those flowers?! Fabby :)

  2. How exciting to see your son's place in Hip places to go!!! Wow! I'm so impressed and it looks like a super neet place to go - for every age!! Beautiful flower pictures! You never disappoint me! Hugs, Wendy

  3. During our last trip to Victoria, we walked that same beach! Is that by Beacon Hill park? We go to Victoria again Monday. Where is your son's coffee shop? I'd love to visit.