Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spending an Interesting Afternoon

Playing around with Palette Builder makes for
an interesting Saturday afternoon.

So I uploaded a couple of pictures and had way too much fun doing so.

Two very different sunsets with two very different colour ways.
I think I like the colours in the second one better but only because
I am more of a pink kind of girl.

This one is nice too.
I love the earthiness of it with the little pop of colour.

This picture has special meaning.
It was taken back in '85 when my husband and I went to Kenya
to visit my parents who were living there as missionaries at the time.

The plant is called a Desert Rose and only blooms when it is dry.

I must say that the Palette Builder is really easy to use 
and the possibilities are endless.
It's very cool that you can save the Kona Cotton matches.

Give it a whirl - you won't be able to stop!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Treasure Hunting

So today was a fun day.
A friend at work and I went to an estate sale on our lunch break.

Lots of interesting things in an older house,
probably from the 30's or 40's in an older area of the city.

I came away with a few treasures.

Aren't these lovely?

My birthday is in June so pearls are my birthstone.

The colour on this strand is exquisite. 
Very pearly in colour.
Was hard to photograph and get the colour right.

And this little gem . . .
Isn't it pretty?

Again more pearls and the blue stones really add to the piece.

I rarely, if ever buy myself jewelry and here I found two
pieces that I really liked.

And the last item I picked up was these lovely pink pillow cases.

 Such lovely work on them and I thought they were charming.

Having done cross stitch myself in the past, I can really appreciate
the work that has gone into making these pretty.

I spent a whopping $12 for all these goodies that tickled my fancy.

I've still be working on my wedding ring quilt - what else is new!
 This week I got the corner stones sewn up for the 4th row.

Each row gets better and better and easier to put together.
As much as I complain about this quilt, I am so happy that I am making it.
It really is turning out to be quite nice.

I will once again end with a couple of sunset pictures.

Happy end to your week!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Melons in the Making

 I haven't posted for a while and thought it was time . . .

I have been very busy at work and also around the home.
Life never seems to slow down it seems.

I'm sure everyone is tired about hearing about my double wedding ring quilt,
but it is what I have been working on.
 I don't really want to put it away until it is done.

What you see here is melon production going on here.

Happy to report that I have 3 rows together - 
a 4th ready to sew on
and . . .
drum roll please . . .

just about enough melons for row 5.

After that I will finally be on the last row.


While I was on holidays, I started something new and finished two blocks.

They're kinda cute.

Just needed to do something different . . .
I bet you all understand.

A couple of days ago we had rain - the first in quite a while.

It felt so refreshing.

July 31, we had the most incredible sunset. 
I think it had to do with a lot of smoke in the air 
but none the less, it was beautiful.
What are you working on these days?
I find it's harder in the summer than in the winter.
One wants to be outside more than inside sewing.

Hope you all have a good weekend.