Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spending an Interesting Afternoon

Playing around with Palette Builder makes for
an interesting Saturday afternoon.

So I uploaded a couple of pictures and had way too much fun doing so.

Two very different sunsets with two very different colour ways.
I think I like the colours in the second one better but only because
I am more of a pink kind of girl.

This one is nice too.
I love the earthiness of it with the little pop of colour.

This picture has special meaning.
It was taken back in '85 when my husband and I went to Kenya
to visit my parents who were living there as missionaries at the time.

The plant is called a Desert Rose and only blooms when it is dry.

I must say that the Palette Builder is really easy to use 
and the possibilities are endless.
It's very cool that you can save the Kona Cotton matches.

Give it a whirl - you won't be able to stop!



  1. That is the neatest thing!!! Amazing.

  2. Wow what a neat site! I think this is a really neat idea! Hugs, Wendy