Thursday, August 14, 2014

Treasure Hunting

So today was a fun day.
A friend at work and I went to an estate sale on our lunch break.

Lots of interesting things in an older house,
probably from the 30's or 40's in an older area of the city.

I came away with a few treasures.

Aren't these lovely?

My birthday is in June so pearls are my birthstone.

The colour on this strand is exquisite. 
Very pearly in colour.
Was hard to photograph and get the colour right.

And this little gem . . .
Isn't it pretty?

Again more pearls and the blue stones really add to the piece.

I rarely, if ever buy myself jewelry and here I found two
pieces that I really liked.

And the last item I picked up was these lovely pink pillow cases.

 Such lovely work on them and I thought they were charming.

Having done cross stitch myself in the past, I can really appreciate
the work that has gone into making these pretty.

I spent a whopping $12 for all these goodies that tickled my fancy.

I've still be working on my wedding ring quilt - what else is new!
 This week I got the corner stones sewn up for the 4th row.

Each row gets better and better and easier to put together.
As much as I complain about this quilt, I am so happy that I am making it.
It really is turning out to be quite nice.

I will once again end with a couple of sunset pictures.

Happy end to your week!


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  1. All that for $12. Wow. You scored big time : )