Friday, September 26, 2014


“Victory belongs to the most persevering” 
– Napoleon Bonaparte

I am so excited to write this post as it means that 
I have finished the top of my Double Wedding Ring quilt!!

There were days that I would not have believed that it would be 
or could be possible to finish this off. 

It wasn’t that it was terribly difficult but it seemed a long time with little progress.  

Once I really put my mind to it though, it was a sweet victory

When I look back at my first post about my Double Wedding Ring quit it was late October 2013

I guess that’s not too bad considering I work full time, hosted my daughter for 8 months this year 
and had a couple of holidays away from home.

This quilt gave me much agony right at the beginning. 

I had a very difficult time in pulling fabrics for this quilt and after a few failures, 
I finally settled on the greens and pinks with a pop of yellow. 

Very happy with the outcome as I feel it was very close to what I envisioned – a definite success.

This quilt is not perfect and I had to keep reminding myself that 
it is a ‘homemade’ project and not mass produced. 

I was very happy to learn a new skill – sewing curves. 

 This will open the possibilities of other quilts that I have in mind.

As mentioned before, I plan to have this quilt quilted. 
Definitely well worth it considering the work involved.

Phew . . . . now I get to move on and finish up my son’s quilt. 

Perhaps it could even get done before Christmas. 

Wouldn’t he be surprised?!

Savouring my finish this weekend and linking up with
AmandaJean at Crazy Mom Quilts

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness! I am speechless!!!! absolutely beautiful.

  2. You did it! It's lovely Shauna

  3. Victory!!! What an accomplishment! I think your color selection is beautiful and you have done a beautiful job!

  4. You SHOULD be excited and proud and chuffed to pieces - this is a spectacular quilt! Well done you :)