Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Necessary Clutch Wallet and Vulcan / Kirkcaldy Trip

This was my weekend to skip out of town and boy did that feel good. For some reason I am feeling really tied down with all of my commitments and I really just want to play. I'm sure I will get over this but for now this is how I have been feeling.

Two of my friends from Vulcan were planning to make the Necessary Clutch Wallet and invited me to come down for the weekend and learn along with them. What fun we had and we were able to accomplish the task and finish the wallet. 

It takes a fair bit of organization to cut out all of the pieces and and go through the steps of putting it together.

This was my first zipper and I was proud of myself for tackling it. Really, it wasn't as daunting as I thought it might be. I'll be on a roll now with this new acquired skill.

The fabrics I used were given to me by my daughter last year at Christmas. The fabric was just waiting for the perfect project and I think this was a good choice. I only had to purchase 1/2 yard for the inside pockets, the various interfacings, the zipper and the closing latch as I already had the two fat quarters.

I'm over the moon happy with my clutch! It's a good size and will hold coins, credit cards and even a cell phone. 

Wendy's is the blue one. Isn't it just gorgeous too?! Her daughter brought back the patterned fabric from England for her. 

What great daughters we have!!

I snapped a few pictures of the Kirkcaldy Hall and a view from the Hall. This little hall has quite the history. It used to be a school house and now is used for various gatherings like the quilting ladies of the area. 

It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see from the lovely blue sky. 

Have a great weekend!

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stash Busting Baby Quilt or Wall Hanging

I love stars and especially large ones. I have been dreaming of making this for a while and finally started this last night. 

I am excited that I have a completed top!! 

May even get it put together by tomorrow.

The good part . . . all from my stash!!

I was looking at blogs yesterday and found a finished quilt that Ida of Ida Rather Be Quilting made which lead me to the pattern for two adorable Star Quilt patterns by Amy of Diary of a Quilter.

Super easy with lots of possibilities!

Still working on my Modern Maples Quilt. I only need to make 5 or 6 more leaves and I'll be finished the top on that one.

Seems like with the long evenings, there is more time to quilt. 

Enjoy your weekend!!



Monday, October 12, 2015

Scattered Leaves

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

fluttering from the autumn tree."

- Emily Bronte

We have been having the most beautiful autumn so far. The weather has been relatively nice with the leaves on the trees falling at a rapid rate.

I had a bundle of fall fabrics which have colours that I am not normally drawn to. I was surprised when I found these among my stash and I think I found the perfect project for them - Modern Maple quilt. I bought this bundle quite a while back from Connecting Threads. 

I found the Modern Maple quilt here and used this tutorial for making the blocks from Nicole at Modern Handcraft Blog here. Not difficult but just nice to have some tips to help you accomplish your goal.

I hit upon an idea awhile back to buy scrap bookers storage containers. You can see one of them with my finished leaves on the table. They were on sale really cheap a couple of weeks ago at Michaels so bought a couple to separate and keep straight all my in-progress projects together. They are the perfect size and hold a fair bit.

I'm sorry but I can't resist showing you some sunset pictures from the other evening.

The colours were amazing. This one was particularly beautiful with it's warm colours. It was almost like being wrapped up in a quilt.

The glow was amazing.

I'm not sure it can get any better. Possibly the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

Have a great week!



Monday, September 21, 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air

I've just had a great long weekend - Thursday to Monday off. Usually when I take time off from work I'm driving, jetting or going somewhere to spend my days off. This time, I elected to spend time off to do a few projects that needed to get accomplished around here.

First on the agenda was repainting a shelf that I've had for a long time. It has morphed through a few colours throughout the years. 

Feels good to finally have this one finished and up on the wall again. The plate on the left was part of my great Grandmother's china pattern and the plate on the right was a gift. I've always like the picture on that plate.

I've also spent time doing up windows, getting my garage door fixed and doing general running around that needed to be done but I'm sure you don't want to hear about that.

The major reason for staying home was to work on my old dresser that needed an update. Our neighbours from a few years back gave me this dresser. At the time it was covered in stickers and had major nicks and carvings in it but I loved it and it definitely had potential.

The hardware was old and dated. It was missing one of the knobs and one was broken so I knew I would have to update those.

They were kind of cool but not the look I was going for.

Here's the drawers once I sanded them down.

First coat of paint.

And finally the finished project and I am tickled.

Drawers and body-
Paint used: Fusion Mineral Paint
Colour: Inglenook Ocean

Top - 
Stain used: Minwax Polycoats
Colours: American Chestnut

Question is: what can I paint next?

Have a great week!!


Friday, September 11, 2015

One of a Kind . . .

. . . is how I would describe a good friend of mine.
My friend Reta is the kindest, 
most encouraging, 
one of a kind 
loving person that you will ever meet. 

She doesn't quilt but she is my greatest fan.
(besides my Mom)

We met about 19 years ago at work.
We worked side by side for many years.
Reta has since retired but we remain good friends. 

It's interesting to me
how you can meet someone 
and know pretty quick that you are soul mates. 

We've seen each other in good times 
and in bad times.
AND, we both cry in church.

I can't imagine my life without Reta.

Reta's birthday has come and gone 
and I'm late in getting her gift to her as usual. 
 We differ that way!

I am so happy that the table runner 
I made for her is finally completed. 

I have named it 'One of a Kind'. 

I stayed after work today sitting in the sunshine 
hand sewing the binding on before I walked home. 
It was too beautiful of a day 
not to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

 The campus has some beautiful spots 
to get some pictures 
so I wanted to push myself to get it done.

You never know what the weather 
is going to do this time of the year.

I am pleased!  

I quilted this one myself.

Found these beauties today. 
A reminder that even weeds can be lovely.
(just not in my garden)

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Have a great weekend everyone!



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Leaf Me Alone . . .

. . . and see what I can create.

Notice the cookies that are need to do this type of project.


Next step is to cut the bias binding for the stem that goes up the middle.

These lovely ladies greet me each morning and say goodnight as I walk to and from work. 


My daughter wrote a book and I received my copy just the other day. Lots of extra special work has gone into her creation. Proud moment when I opened my copy autographed by the author herself.

 Have a spectacular week!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quilt Workshop

I love my quilting friends and am glad that they invite me and welcome me to come on retreats, workshops and quilting days with them. Doesn't always work since I am still working but I seem to fit in time every once in a while.

Sunday was a workshop day in a beautiful setting about 45 minutes south east of Calgary. The workshop was on learning the Judy Niemeyer technique in the form of a wall hanging.

Here's my first half of the leaf. I think it may be tricky to do the stem though.

And here is additional fabric to be used in the project.

I joined the Sew Sisters Batik Lover's Club this year and was able to use fabric from that to do this project.

As I previously said, the workshop was by Caresland overlooking the bow river. It felt so good get out of the city. Although I grew up in the city and now am back I think I really am a country girl at heart. I really love the prairies. I often wonder if I like the country so much because I spent the early part of my married life in small towns where life was simple and good. Both of my kids were born during that time.

I am slowly going though things here in the house. I have never been so motivated to go through my 'stuff'. So far I've been through my clothes and the linen closet. A huge bag of things to be donated and I feel so much lighter. I tend to be a keeper and I am surprising myself lately in what I have been able to purge. It really does feel good.

My plan this fall is to so some painting upstairs. The former owner used wallpaper downstairs so not sure how to proceed with that so may just live with beige walls for a bit longer until I get motivated or decide what I what to do.

I've been slowing trying to get my sewing room organized and am looking at rearranging things. There isn't much I can move around but am going to attempt to see if I can make it work a bit better for me.

In working on getting organized I found this cute garbage pail at the dollar store.

Still debating on what colour I will paint the walls. The other thing that I need to do in my sewing room is to get some better lighting as it's not the greatest for working on projects. It is nice for watching TV or relaxing though.

On the list is also an old dresser that former neighbours had given to us years ago. 

When we got it, it was covered in stickers and missing some hardware. 

The colour I plan to use on the body is called Inglenook by Fusion Mineral Paint and then I'll stain the top. Currently it is used for extra fabric. 

It's funny how some weeks I have lots to say, and other weeks nothing at all. 

Thanks for sticking in to the end. Hope your week is going well.