Sunday, March 22, 2015

Morning Glory, Hello Sunshine or 70's Retro

I recently participated in a 'Pay It Forward' on Facebook and I am a little behind in getting my forwards out. 

Last week I got one of my little gifts made and sent in the mail. 
It was a little table topper.

Wasn't sure what to name it.
I thought of:
'Morning Glory'
'Hello Sunshine'
or even
'The 70's Retro Table Topper'

I love the colours in it.
Again another cheery piece.

For the back I chose to use the same material as was in the center.

I must get cracking on my next 'Pay It Forward' piece.

I have no excuses except that I have been sick with a nasty cold again, no energy and busy at work so coming home to flop seemed to be the thing to do.

Last night the girls went out to celebrate my sister Sheila's 50's birthday at a swanky restaurant. 

What a treat!!

Then we went back to Mom and Dad's place where the guys met us for Raspberry Frozen cake which was very good!

Most everyone contributed with quotes and / or memories 
for my sister. I glued them on fancy paper 
and put them into the jar.

What a fun and neat idea!

There will be lots of reading for Sheila in the next little while.

Well, I have to prepare myself to walk to work tomorrow.
It's been two long weeks since I have because of that nasty cold but it's time to get back into the groove.

Hope everyone has a great week!