Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quilts and so Much More

I think I say this every time I post . . . where has the time gone. April disappeared and May is close to finishing and I haven't posted forever. 

I went to out of town last weekend to my friend Wendy's place to sew and maybe help her plant her garden. Well, the weather was awful - rainy and cold, so we were forced to sew! It was a great time of laughing, talking, sewing and eating. 

I did get quite a few things accomplished when I finally got down to sewing. 

This little table runner finally got a border and is now ready to be sandwiched and quilted. It's a bright and cheery runner that will be an addition to anyone's table or dresser.

Then I got the next border on this quilt. It still has one more border in the white needed to finish it off.

I love the look of this quilt.

Then I picked up my wedding ring quilt that I had quilted. I look at this quilt and marvel that I actually made it. I am tickled 'pink' with it.

The backing was bought when I went down to Spokane last September. I was hoping to use it for the binding but it's a tad too bright for the front so now I will need to find something else. Still debating on what colour to bind it in. Any ideas?

A while ago I had a dentist appointment in Cochrane and had a few moments so stopped in at the Addie's Creative Fabrics. Dangerous to say the least!! 

Picked up this new pattern and ruler. I like that you can use Jelly Rolls if you want to make the quilt.

Started playing around with a Jelly Roll that I had on hand and it's starting to look like this.

April was a busy month in that I was away on road trip to Phoenix with my friend Laurie. She has a condo down there and graciously invited me along with her to spend some time driving and staying down there. 

We had a lot of fun!

We were able to go to some major canyons either on our way down or back. First time for me in seeing Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.

Bryce Canyon
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park
Such beautiful country. I like to think God had fun creating all these natural places for us to enjoy.

Down in Phoenix we went to a discount fabric store. I picked up 5 yards of this which could make nice backing. I'm in love with this material.

And then this little beauty. Just 1 yard of this. Not sure what I use it for but I'm sure it will call to me when I need it.

Enjoy your Sunday!