Friday, September 11, 2015

One of a Kind . . .

. . . is how I would describe a good friend of mine.
My friend Reta is the kindest, 
most encouraging, 
one of a kind 
loving person that you will ever meet. 

She doesn't quilt but she is my greatest fan.
(besides my Mom)

We met about 19 years ago at work.
We worked side by side for many years.
Reta has since retired but we remain good friends. 

It's interesting to me
how you can meet someone 
and know pretty quick that you are soul mates. 

We've seen each other in good times 
and in bad times.
AND, we both cry in church.

I can't imagine my life without Reta.

Reta's birthday has come and gone 
and I'm late in getting her gift to her as usual. 
 We differ that way!

I am so happy that the table runner 
I made for her is finally completed. 

I have named it 'One of a Kind'. 

I stayed after work today sitting in the sunshine 
hand sewing the binding on before I walked home. 
It was too beautiful of a day 
not to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

 The campus has some beautiful spots 
to get some pictures 
so I wanted to push myself to get it done.

You never know what the weather 
is going to do this time of the year.

I am pleased!  

I quilted this one myself.

Found these beauties today. 
A reminder that even weeds can be lovely.
(just not in my garden)

I'm linking up with Finish it up Friday.
Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. What a beautiful friendship! You are so lucky to have Reta in your life. Her late birthday gift is still a gift and that you stepped outside your comfort zone to make it will mean much more than getting it on time! It's beautiful, btw, and obviously you put time and energy into making it well. I am sure it will give her lots of pleasure and joy!

  2. What a treasure of a gift! I am sure she will treasure her "One of a Kind". I sounds like you have named it after her! Enjoy your time together when you gift it to her! Hugs,