Saturday, May 7, 2016

Aviatrix Journey

One can always find something to make their heart sing. Quilting, friends, iced coffee, homemade iced tea and gardening are just a few. What makes your heart sing??

I have had a little of bit of time lately to work on my Aviatrix quilt. I just love all of the bright colours but I'm not going to lie, it has been a challenge!

I made myself a chart which was very helpful and would recommend if you plan to take on this quilt or any other that has lots of colours.

What I have liked about working on this quilt is that you pretty well cut out all of the pieces ahead of time. Then when you sit down to sew, you can sew.

Not perfect by any means and I must admit it does irk me a little but I'm trying to let it go.

Here's a picture of with the first border - a variation of grays. Not the best picture or lighting.

Then the second border with nice bright and cheery colours. I'm liking it a lot!!

I started on the third border . . . I can tell, it's going to be another fun one.

A friend come over this week  to help me with my yard work. It seemed daunting to me and I don't have any of the necessary tools. I should keep my eyes open for a shovel and a rake at garage sales this summer. So once we got it whipped into shape a little better, I bought a couple of perennials that I put into the ground. The more perennials that I get in the less it will cost as the years go by (I'm hoping). I like low maintenance!! If I had my way, I'd do what my neighbour did and just have a big patio. For now though, I'll continue to work with what I have.

I went from this . . . .

To this  . . .

Today was beautiful so once I got the plants in I sat and read while sipping my homemade iced tea.

Hope your weekend is going as nicely as mine is.