Friday, May 31, 2013

A Small Finish and Quilt Show

One small finish to show off . . .
. . . another pin cushion.  

Have someone in mind that might receive this.

Last weekend I went to the Quilt Show at Heritage Park in Calgary.

There was lots of eye candy!

As you can see the crowds weren't there as it was threatening rain on the Saturday.

Shortly after I took these pictures it did rain but thankfully it wasn't cold.

It's just such a nice setting to show off quilts.

Here are a couple more of my favourites!

It's so interesting to see the variety colours, skills and patterns.

I like the way the quilter put the stars, hearts, letters and numbers on this quilt.

Lots of ideas and what a fun way to spend with a friend.

Going to link up with AmandaJean at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I have yet to see that show. Maybe next year! Looks like a lovely setting

  2. pincushions may be small, but if I made one like that, I would be ecstatic at my accomplishment :) It is adorable! And the quilt show looks fantastic! Good pictures, since it isn't too sunshiney!

  3. I agree with SarahZ... pincushions may be smile, but that's a great piece of artwork you've put together! Thank you for sharing the photos of the quilt show. Those are lovely!

  4. catherdral windows are ON THE LIST! love it.

  5. What a great setting for a quilt show, it looks as if people have just hung them out to air rather than some of the more cramped settings of some the indoor shows!

  6. Great photos of the quilt show, Shauna! And your pin cushion is delightful :)

  7. Darling pincushion! Difficult?

    1. Not difficult at all Mary - used this tutorial.
      Do you realize you are a no reply blogger?