Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mr. Postman . . .

. . .  brought me a special package!!

I won a give away over at Jen's blog, Glinda Quilts a little while ago.  Although we live on other sides of the pond and then some, the postman came knocking yesterday!

What a lovely way to start a long weekend!!  
 It's so cute and I can hardly wait to use it!  It has all my favourite colours in it.

Just look at it . . .  

 Lovin' the label too!

It's all so perfect - thanks Jen.

I have been working on my hexagons and have almost a row put together.  
It's going to be a nice keepsake once it is finished.

See the spots above where you see where the holes, 
I'm going to do a muslin piece that is embroidered.  
I haven't done any embroidery for years but have been inspired as of late 
by some of the work that I've seen on other blogs.


The rain was threatening today and I wanted to get my flowers planted.  
I have just a nice size garden box at the front of my condo.   

The previous owner had left many volcanic rocks in the back area.  Can't say they are my favourite but I've incorporated a couple in the front flower bed and they add a little interest there.  
The back is another story - there are way too many of them so I'll be looking for a way to ditch them.

 Hopefully the flowers will fill in a little.  
It does add a little colour to a drab world though and makes one smile.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend so far.


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  1. Glad you're thrilled with the Pants Bag, Shauna, I loved making it for you :)
    Those diddy Hexies are looking very pretty - clever lady!