Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Back when I went to the tutorial / workshop 
on the double wedding ring quilt,
Brenda was using the thinnest pins to hold the curves together

and . . . .

leaving them in to sew the curves.

So I went and bought a box of pins - they are not cheap

but . . . 

believe me they are worth it, not only for curves, 
but for most everything where you don't want to yank the pins out.

Things don't shift around like they do when you have to remove the pins.

Anyways, you learn something new everyday.
So to me it's 'Revolutionary'.

I am revisiting my 'Square Dance Quilt' 
now that I have finished sewing all of my obligations.

Am grateful that others like my sewing enough 
and have faith in me to ask me to put something together for them.

I think I have most of my 'little' blocks ready to go.

I got this pattern from a library book but had to return the book.
Now I can't remember what book I got it from, and silly me,
I forgot to write down some of the dimensions needed.

This is what I have reduced the pattern to. 
I think I can figure it out but it has been a while.

I have to close with a beautiful sunset picture 
that I took when I got home from work today.

Can't believe the beautiful, vibrant colours that God painted the sky.


Hope you are having a good week so far 
- tomorrow will be half way through the work week!



  1. Your 'little' blocks are gorgeous and so fun looking. Hope all the little details come back to you and that you have no problem getting them together! Beautiful sunset photo, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmm Mmm - gorgeous fabrics in those little blocks - particularly like the aqua polka dots - looking good, Shauna! And wholeheartedly agree with my friend, Lorna - that is one delightful sunset :)

  3. This one intrigues me! I am anxious to see the finished pattern! Beautiful sunset - Nice colors to pick for a quilt!