Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year in Review

I was quite surprised by what I actually accomplished last year.
Sometimes it doesn't seem like much is happening,
so was very happy when I started looking and pulling this post together.
It also highlights how many projects 
need to get finished too! 

Here is my pictorial year in review.

How fun were these cute bags.

Pillow cases - I think 16 in all.  Phew!!
All so different, interesting and also fun.

Different pillows completed in all shapes and sizes.
I tried my hand at some firsts like
printing on fabric and paper piecing.

Cute little projects.
Great tutorials out there to help me achieve my finishes.

I have lots of unfinished projects . . . .
For 2014 I will try to complete them.

Some of these I haven't even blogged about like the Coffee hanging.
This is appliqued and not my favourite method of quilting.
The stars started by me but completed by someone else
- they were a project we did at the retreat last year for the hospital.

But here are my bigger finishes . . .

A couple of baby quilts.

A queen size, double and single quit.

All bring back memories -

some happy, like a wedding gift or a quilt for a friend
and some not so happy,
like a quilt made for an Aunt who is dying of cancer

With every stitch that is made, I reflect, pray and have gratitude
for the ones I make my creations for and for myself.
I am learning to not worry where I am in life or my circumstances.
Things change in a heartbeat, for good or bad
but that which is in your heart is what will
carry you through all the ups and downs of life.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Projects of 2013

I finished two little projects just before Christmas but
couldn't blog about them because they were for gifts. 

One was for my mom.  
I knew she was getting an I Pad Mini for Christmas 
and wanted to make her a pouch for it.

I used a tutorial online from Just Lola.
She was most helpful with all of my questions.

Here's a look at the back.  
It has a little pocket for the cord and / or Stylus.

I had been saving this fabric for something special for my mom as I know she likes blue.

The second project was two rice bags. 
They can be heated in the microwave to put on aches and pains.
Both of them were made with identical material.


Again, a really quick easy project for a last minute gift.
I again used a tutorial online.
This time from Sew Mama Sew.

It has a removable bag so that it can be washed.
These bags are so nice to have.

Christmas was spent at my mom and dad's place.
My two sisters and their families were there so we had a house full.
I pretended that I was a kid again and stayed over two nights.

Just playing around and took a Christmas selfie.

Neither of my kids were home for the holidays 
but I had a chance to talk to each of them.
That will suffice until we see each other face to face.

My daughter who has been in London 
for close to 2 years is moving back home to Canada.  
I'll be picking her up at the airport on Monday.  

So Very Excited!! 

I hope you all had a great holiday season enjoying the company of those close to you.
I'm looking forward to 2014 and all that it has in store for me.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Adorable Mini Pants Bag

I followed the tutorial on Jen's blog to make this adorable mini Pants Bag.

The instructions were easy and as she promised, you could finish it in an hour.

I had a few dresden blades left over from another project 
and thought this would add a punch to my bag.


Very happy with the results!

And here is the back of the bag.

Make sure you go and visit Jen at Glinda Quilts.
She's always doing such neat things.

Must run!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Survival of the Fittest

Last week that definitely was the tune around here.

The temperatures ranged from anywhere from -15 to - 29 
and it even felt colder with the wind chills.
Not to mention the loads of snow that fell.

Just over a year ago I moved into the city and 12 blocks from work.
The roads were so bad and I have a thing about 
starting up the car and wiping the snow off
and I figure by the time I do that, I could be half way home.

So I bundled up and walked all except the one day.
It really is refreshing and only takes a half hour.  
I think I should be 20 pounds lighter due to all this effort but,
alas it doesn't seem to work that way.

I do feel better for it though.

Last time I posted, I was debating on putting up the Christmas tree
since I'll be the only one home for the holidays.

Well, I caved and decided to put it up.  
I truly do like sitting by the lights of the tree.


I only put about half of the ornament up on the tree 
and only a couple around the living room.

A good compromise, I would say.

Since last week, I was exhausted with all my walking, 
I watched lots of lame Christmas movies while cutting out material.

I now have all of my material cut out for my January retreat 
and also an extra kit that I had bought a long time ago.

So it hasn't been a waste of time.

My blogger friend, Jen at Glinda Quilts, put up a tutorial to making her 'famous' pants bag.
Drop over to her site to check it out.

I have been very lucky in that I have received one of her pants bags.
I'm about half way done in making one. 
I'll post once I have it completed.

Not sure where this week has gone. 
It'll be Christmas before we know it.

Have a good rest of this week,
enjoy your weekend,
take time to breath
and enjoy the season and all that it means to you.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Still Dancin'

Have had a bit of time to work on my Square Dance Quilt this weekend.

Getting there - just about half way done now. 

Takes a fair amount of concentration to lay out the blocks 
and then when you really look at it 
you can see where they are doubled up 
. . . am I going to worry about it.  


I really like this pattern and having fun with it.  

121 blocks of 'happiness'.

Today, we had a celebration at church after the service 
to celebrate reading through the Bible in a year as a congregation.

My work team was on to cook dinner for 200 so I'm a little tired tonight.

Amazing what a group of women can put together.  
We had chicken cordon bleu, rice pilaf, salad, buns and cake for dessert.

It was inspiring to hear stories about how lives were impacted this year.
A great way to start Advent.

Thought about putting up the Christmas decorations today 
but I don't think it's going to happen.  

I'm even considering not putting up the tree. 

Is that bad or not?  

It's only me - no kids home for the holidays 
and everything I drag out has to be put back. 

 On the other hand, it's awfully nice after a long day at work to sit by the lights of the tree.  

Something soothing about that.  
I guess we'll see what happens.

This was from a couple of years ago.

Stay warm this week - we're getting another blast of cold with snow.