Thursday, December 12, 2013

Survival of the Fittest

Last week that definitely was the tune around here.

The temperatures ranged from anywhere from -15 to - 29 
and it even felt colder with the wind chills.
Not to mention the loads of snow that fell.

Just over a year ago I moved into the city and 12 blocks from work.
The roads were so bad and I have a thing about 
starting up the car and wiping the snow off
and I figure by the time I do that, I could be half way home.

So I bundled up and walked all except the one day.
It really is refreshing and only takes a half hour.  
I think I should be 20 pounds lighter due to all this effort but,
alas it doesn't seem to work that way.

I do feel better for it though.

Last time I posted, I was debating on putting up the Christmas tree
since I'll be the only one home for the holidays.

Well, I caved and decided to put it up.  
I truly do like sitting by the lights of the tree.


I only put about half of the ornament up on the tree 
and only a couple around the living room.

A good compromise, I would say.

Since last week, I was exhausted with all my walking, 
I watched lots of lame Christmas movies while cutting out material.

I now have all of my material cut out for my January retreat 
and also an extra kit that I had bought a long time ago.

So it hasn't been a waste of time.

My blogger friend, Jen at Glinda Quilts, put up a tutorial to making her 'famous' pants bag.
Drop over to her site to check it out.

I have been very lucky in that I have received one of her pants bags.
I'm about half way done in making one. 
I'll post once I have it completed.

Not sure where this week has gone. 
It'll be Christmas before we know it.

Have a good rest of this week,
enjoy your weekend,
take time to breath
and enjoy the season and all that it means to you.


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  1. I just love sitting by lights too ; ) I hope you get some company...