Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's The Quilt That Never Ends . . .

. . . it goes on and on, my friend.

Sometimes I think that I will never be finished my double wedding ring quilt.
I am now officially half finished so am starting to see an end.

For the second portion of my holidays, I spent time with my friend in Vulcan sewing up a storm.
Wednesday of last week we went out to Bow Bench Retreat for a sewing day.
For $25 you can go and sew for the day and have supper at the end.
Beautiful place and Nancy is a wonderful host.

Here's a view from the outdoor patio.

Wendy and I had a great time together.  
We got our hair done, went for lunch, sewed much and wandered through the cemetery.
I know that sounds strange - wandering through a cemetery.

I used to live in Vulcan so know quite a few people still who live there 
and many who have past on.
It was a great time of reflection about my 5 1/2 years there.

My heart is still there in many ways!

I did work feverishly on my wedding ring quilt - 3 rows now complete!!
Whoo hoo!!

Points are looking pretty good.

 My friend Wendy is a talented quilter also.

The quilt on the bed is the one that she was working on to get done.
Isn't it gorgeous!!  I'm in love with the colours.

Of course the other two wall hangings are ones that she had previously completed.

As I look out my window it appears that we are in for a bit of a storm.

Have a great week everyone!



Monday, July 14, 2014

On Holidays . . .

What does one do when it's HOT out and you are on holidays 
without a sewing machine.

Why you read a good book . . .
You have a glass of wonderfully cold water . . .
You catch up on your emails and FB with your IPhone . . .
And you work on your hand quilting . . .


I spent the last week and a bit with my mom and dad.
What a wonderful holiday it was.
Time in Radium and a little trip to Spokane 
where I got to catch up with my cousin 
whom I hadn't seen for many years!

** Warning . . . pictures of my trip coming up.

The weather was hot and the outdoor life was wonderful in Radium.

On our trip up to Radium we stropped and took pictures of this beautiful rainbow.

A few moments later, the sun came out and was out for the rest of our holiday.

Aren't the Rocky Mountains spectacular?
We forget sometimes that we live in a very beautiful place on this planet.


Once in Radium mom, dad and I sit back 
and enjoy the view from the trailer.

A hike up to Sinclair Falls was a must this trip with a friend.

Middle of last week we took a little excursion to Spokane, WA.
Our trip took us through Sandpoint, ID where we stopped for lunch.

What another beautiful spot! (Oh and the food was great too!)

Once in Spokane we had a lovely visit with my cousin and her daughter.
So nice to reconnect.

On our way back to the city, we made one more stop at Numa Falls.
Again, another beautiful spot.

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful trip.
So nice to spend time with you!


Thanks for joining me on my trip.

One more week left of my holidays and I'm planning to get some sewing accomplished!