Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amidst the Mosquito Coils

Camping .... Or shall I say Glamping.

That's what I have had the privilege to do for the past few days and will get to do for a few more.  You see my mom and dad own a trailer out in Radium, B.C. so it's just a hop, skip and jump over to this beautiful place from where we live.

As you all know it's crazy sitting outside this time of the year with the mosquitoes. My dad is constantly keeping the coils going so my mom and I can read, check our FB account, emails, do our puzzles and our hand crafts.

Here's my mom working on one of her dishcloths. They are sure nice to have. 

I'm working on my life time supply of hexes. Not really and actually I have more an 150 flowers completed. Getting here. I find that I enjoy doing these more in the summer than in the winter time. 

What a delight this place is!! It's so nice to sit out until 10 pm and not worry about having to find a sweater or coat to put on. The weather has been perfect!!

It's taken me a while to get this post ready for publishing because I was doing it on my iPad. Usually I do it on my home computer and I feel proud of myself that I have figured it out on this devise. 

Til next time - 



  1. I am jealous!! Perfect weather, sewing, reading and good company. What more could one ask for!!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. Looks like you two girls are enjoying the great outdoors and doing what you love. Those sure are some pretty hexi flowers!