Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blessed Beyond Words

I truly think that I have the best friends in the world - both here in Canada and abroad!! 
A while back, I entered a giveaway on Jen's blog called Glinda Quilts - and I won!! We have become friends through the web over the past couple of years and our love of quilting is our mutual interest. I received my sewing machine mat, the left over material as well as a four fat quarters all tied up in a beautiful pink heart ribbon. My, oh my, such lovely fabric and fabulous sewing. She spoiled me!!

It has pockets at the front which are perfect for keeping those essentials at your finger tips that are needed for quilting.

So tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with a little touch of purple hair. You know, you only live once and with life being so short, you have to make the most of it and live every day to the fullest. So in light of that, I have a purple streak in my hair.
I have been working on my string quilt and now have 3 blocks done. Should have more but you know, life gets busy sometimes.
I have to admit that its fun to pick up a piece of fabric and remember which project you used it in and who it was for. Lots of remembering going on here.
My garden out front is coming in nicely now. I bought flowers this year that I wouldn't normally buy. They were ones that were left over at the garden center that didn't look too beat up or picked over.

My little box is just big enough to have a bit of colour around my little home.
Isn't she pretty now that she is coming into her own.

Well that about rounds out my last week other than my daughter was here to shoot a wedding and we had a chance to have a quick visit. 

Enjoy the rest of your week whatever it may entail.



  1. You deserve to be spoiled!! Happy Birthday to you!!! I love the purple hair!! Those blocks are so interestingt and the yellow center stripe really works for me! Well, done Shauna!! Hugs,

  2. Happy Birthday, Shauna! Your purple hair looks fabulous. And so do your pretty string blocks. Nice work!

  3. I am blessed too! LOVE your purple hair - you go, girl!
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY or, as we say in Wales, Penblwydd Hapus. Have a great one and thank you for your lovely friendship xx